Services / Programs

How our programs work:
Mentors sign up to share their knowledge and expertise for a fee of their choice. Mentees sign up to find someone who has knowledge or ability to help them with their goals or problems.

As the mentee, what will I receive if i sign up / join?
You receive access to the site, and any and all Mentors of your choosing.

What will mentorship cost?
Mentors set their own fees, in some cases, they are negotiable too.

How will I choose my mentor?
Each Mentor will have a bio on the site and be categorized by their listed specialties or offerings.

How long are programs?
The help or guidance you give or receive are totally adjustable and negotiable between you the Mentor and the Mentee.

In addition to your Mentor/Mentee relationship, there are also articles to read if you like, and these will get updated from time to time. Topics are varied and will be added to as more are written by our ever growing group of Mentors. Article will also have a place to comment afterwards.