We All Have Something We Can Share That Would Help Someone Else

You have spent a lifetime doing things that others may be struggling to do right now. Or, maybe you have a God given talent in some area. At any rate, we all have something to offer others if we really think about it. So why not ease someone else’s burden and save them the trouble of reinventing the wheel by sharing your expertise. Whether you charge a fee for your services or not is up to you. And you may choose to use a sliding scale in some cases depending on the service you offer and who you are serving. That’s your business. Let us help you help others.




Simple vs. Easy

So often people use these terms interchangeably, and for the most part that is okay.  The problem comes when they start to think of them as universally interchangeable.  They are not.

First, I guess we should establish exactly what a paradigm is. It is a person’s thoughts, ideas and habits that makeup the way that they interpret and interact with the world they live in. Often there are underlying and overlying aspects to it.

Comfort Zones

When is the last time you were really outside your comfort? Really felt like you were in an uneasy situation? Can you remember that exhilaration and all your nerves feeling like they were on high alert?