Simple vs. Easy

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So often people use these terms interchangeably, and for the most part that is okay.  The problem comes when they start to think of them as universally interchangeable.  They are not. When you look at life as easy or simple, they do not mean the same thing.  When I say that life is simple, I am speaking of the guiding principles that are clear cut and well defined.  Simple.

And the reason that I conclude that it is not also easy, is that living and following these guiding principles is often hard.  That is where most people get into trouble with this.  They think that because the guiding principles are simple, that following and incorporating them into their life should also be easy.

Is there a smoker out there today in America that does not know that smoking is bad for their health?  Doubtfully.  So quitting smoking would be a wise and simple way to improve their health?  Would it be easy for them to do?  Possibly for some, but not for most.

Is there anybody out there who would like to lose some weight and be healthier?  Are there not enough ideas and programs on weight loss out there to help them?  Why do they not just “get r done” (as Larry the Cable Guy would say).  Because simple and easy are not the same.  What appears simple, is not always easy to do.  This is a great example of both the Knowing/Doing Gap and the Power of Praxis from the Thinking Into Results program that I facilitate through SoftAoS, LLC.

The Knowing/Doing Gap is about how we often know the right thing and just fail to do it for a variety of reasons.  Reasons from fear, to fear of failure, to fear of success – Terror Barriers.  And also how we can know what we want and really want it, but not know how to get it.

The Power of Praxis tells us that when we align ourselves with ourselves, we establish and gain momentum.  Simple, right?  So why is it not easy?  All we have to do is connect our desire to do or accomplish something with our belief that we can accomplish it.

The phrase “it’s all in the mind” comes to me.  As in, Thinking Into Results.  It’s simple!


Dean Springer is a Thinking Into Results Facilitator who works with individuals, groups and companies toward life and business results they are not able to achieve on their own.

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